Here are some of our past and existing clients:


Ace Of Cups Music
Alaska Swimming Gear
Amarat Music Limited
Angela Music Publ. Co. Pty Ltd.

Ashley Brooks Music
Asterisk Music
Autumn Bird Songs


Barbara Orbison Music Company


Big Loud Bucks
Big Loud Shirts
Big T Rock Productions

Bluewater Music

Brian Auger Music

Broken Music Publishing

Brother Bart Music
Burnt Oak Publishing Co.

Buttersprites Publishing

Cage Music Ltd.
Cfg Publishing Co.
Circle Highway Music

Cocoliche Musica Y Media Sl

Collect! Music Publishing

Cordelle Music Ltd

Cordelle Songs
Crooked Smilesongs
Curtis Richardson


Dan James
Dan Rad Music

Dandelion Music Co

Dansha Music

Darjess Music
Dat Ain’t Music
Delta Goodrem Songs

Donna Irene
Doug Moody Music

Duane Music Inc. (USA)


Eman Publishing
Enja Music Publishing

Enstone Publishing
Enja Records

Favored Nations Music Limited

Finger Printz Music
Fool Hearted Melodies

Frisco Publishing Co.

Frontline Music Ltd


Gabric Edizione Musicali Srl
Gi Note Music
Gil Cang
Good Groove Music Publishing

Helsinki Music Publishing Company

Henstone Music Inc.
Hi-bias Records
Hip Hill Music Publishing Company

House Of Paxton Music Press


In The Son Music Publishing

Iq Music Ltd.

Jackson Del Rey Music

King Chakra Music

Knifekiss Publishing

Lampoon For Life Music

Lanny Music Co.
Little Room Music

Luxopolis Music
Lynsey De Paul Music Ltd


Maddin Music
Magickal Opera Music

Mahjong Music
Marietta Moon
Maryatt Music Publishing

Mezzo Music Ltd
Music & Media International Musicalities Ltd.


Northstar Media

Noumena Music

Orbison Music Llc

Palladium Music
Paramedia Gesellschaft Für Medienmarketing Mbh

Perfect Songs
Phrased Differently

Prompt Music
Purple City Music Ltd.


Quaives Music Ltd.

R2M Music

Rich Kid Music
Rockin’ Music
Roy Orbison Music Company / Barbara Orbison Music Company

Still Working Music Group

Sesame Songs
Shanna Music Ltd
Shore Songs
Shysty Music
Siebenpunkt Verlags Gmbh
Sindee Levin Music
Song Source Incorporated
Star Street Music
Starks Publishing
Steve Lee/Paleface Music
Sunmuse Music
Svengirly Music


Terror Beak Music
To The Penny Music
Triage Music Incorporated

Val Young Publishing

Wardlaw Banks

Way Cool Music
Words & Music

Your Music Ltd.

Creative Service For:

Billy Steinberg
Combustion Music
Didrik Thott
Primary Wave Music
Red Zone
S1 Songs
Shapiro Bernstein
Ten Songs