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Music Publishing

Parasongs is a boutique company, offering an entire range of services in music with a strong focus in music publishing.

On the administration and collection side, our proprietary platform has enabled us to significantly increase the quality of international administration and collection processes, producing excellent results for more than 100 publishing clients and songwriters. In many cases, royalty income has been multiplied, in case of a 16,000 song european Jazz catalog, revenue uplifts went up to 7,000 %. If you own/control a music publishing catalog with a large international income and believe, a significant portion of royalty money was left on various tables and you can cancel your existing admin- or publishing agreement, we can produce the largest impact to increase your revenues.

On the development and proactive explitation side, our global reach allows us to commit resources that help to develop and grow songwriter careers. Our team has maintained close relationships to many record label executives, artist managers, supervisors in TV, film, and advertising, allowing them to place over 100 songs per year. More important, we are experts and have a long and successful track record to bring the right blend of talent together for writing and publishing projects.

We don’t sign thousands of writers and publishers just to scale the business. Instead, we focus on what we believe has strong potential for the long-term. Each person on our team is a dedicated individual and each recording artist, producer, publisher and songwriter we sign truly does make a difference.

Artist, Producer
& Songwriter Management

If you’re an artist – we have a close network with A&Rs at major labels in the USA, UK, and many other countries, and with global brands, advertising agencies, booking agencies, and tour promotion companies like AEG, Live Nation, and CAA.

If you’re a producer – we are strongly connected to many major labels and artist managers worldwide to keep you working.

If you’re a songwriter – we have the resources to connect you with well-matched partnerships for your co-writes, and pitch your songs to major outlets.


We provide our services on a consultancy basis for large corporate brands.